Create the relationship you have always wanted.

Our relationship workshops have been developed from decades of experience working with singles and couples to help them use effective tools for dealing with trust issues with their partners, deepen intimacy, resolve conflict, and for finding life long partners.

Our marriage went in the direction of separation. Then we found LoveWorks and that brought us back to not just the old state, but up, to a whole new place I didn’t even know existed. I’d call it a second honeymoon. Now we know the honeymoon doesn’t have to end, and we have the tools to connect and feel the love.
Machen & Laura
Ian and I are in love!  Thanks for bringing us together stronger than I could have ever dreamed!
Molly & Ian
I longed to find a partner, but I had no idea how to “show up” for the kind of relationship I wanted. After working with S & C, I met my partner, Wade, and together we are creating the kind of relationship we’ve always wanted.
Working with you has been the best thing! Getting our joy back, and that spreads over to the rest of our lives. We’re laying here in each other’s arms, feeling in love … that’s a 1000% different from where we were this time last year!
Bryanna & Steven
I’ve done Gottman, Harville Hendricks’s Imago, Hedy/Yumi’s Encounters in Intimacy, Stan Tatkin, Somatica Couples training, Family Life, New Life and multiple church marriage camps – nothing parallels the life changing, accessible and game-changing tools I learned at LoveWorks.
Tania Choi, LMFT
As Lifetime members, Jeff and I call LoveWorks our ‘relationship chiropractors’. We go to the workshops every couple of months to get adjusted back on track. We have gone to dozens of workshops and we always walk away with something new. The workshops are game changers.
Tania & Jeff
Before LoveWorks, we were so disconnected from each other – unaware of how dangerous that was. Everything has shifted for us. We are now able to tackle HUGE conflicts with increasing gratitude and understanding. The Mastery Program could not have come at a better time in our lives (well, maybe earlier… 😉 It is very likely we would not still be together if it were not for the things we have learned through LoveWorks.
Kate & Spencer
I was single and didn’t know how to relate to anyone. I faked it and did ok, but having LoveWorks in my life changed the way I am at work, with my staff, with my friends, and has certainly set me up to have the relationship I want. Which I now have … everything I wanted.
Cari & Nathan
Inside of five minutes, my wife magically transformed from looking like a ‘critical mother’ figure in my eyes to my beautiful lover! Amazing! We’ve been married for nearly 25 years, and now when we go on vacation, people think we’re on our honeymoon!
Mike & Jean
We renewed our marriage vows ….
Scott and I returned from our workshop feeling so close and in love. It was so amazing for both of us. I feel that we renewed our marriage vows without even knowing it.
Suzanne & Scott
We’re doing so well!
We’re doing so well. … Definitely due in large part to your and Christians’ amazing caring, ideas, training and wonderful energy. Our relationship feels like golden light now.
Silvia & Bill
… We opened ourselves to each other in new ways.
Christian and Sonika’s take on how to make a relationship its best is simply wonderful. We have put the tools they gave us into effect almost every day since and have seen positive changes in our relationship from the first day. The sacred space Sonika and Christian created together allowed us to feel safe and open ourselves to each other in new ways.
… Make us or break us!
John and I went through a big storm in our relationship – the kind that was going to make us or break us. We used the tools that you gave us and we not only made it through the difficulty but we have grown more deeply and unconditionally connected.
Colleen and John
I strongly believe if we had met you six or twelve months ago that our marriage could have been saved

I thought we had lost love and passion. But we are so happy and in love again…
I thought we had lost love and passion. But we are so happy and in love again that we have endorphins running just from being around each other! I had no idea it could be like this – my relationship is way better than I even thought possible!

You have given me relationship tools to empower myself and my life. A step by step process that makes sense… and WORKS!

For example, today I got pissed at my husband. And we used the tools together and resolved the whole issue in five minutes. FIVE MINUTES!! Over! Done! Completely cleared!

In the past, that would have escalated into a huge fight that would have lasted for days or weeks! And to resolve it, I would have made some critical compromise to mitigate the damage. Now I do not have to do that because now I know there is a way for both myself and my husband to get what we want.

Even our kids are commenting how much happier and lighter and relaxed we are.

To think, when we first came to you we were on the verge of divorce!

Thanks for your insight, expertise and guidance.

You are a God-send!


After GYTL, my wife moved back into the master bedroom. She’s walking around with a smile on her face again, feeling hopeful about our marriage. I am so very happy.

It helped me feel confident I deserved this man!
I knew the course would be valuable, but I did not know its effects would be as paradigm shifting and long lasting as they have been! GYTL helped me feel confident that I deserved and could lovingly maintain a relationship with this man. So that’s what I’m doing!
We got to give ourselves to love …
It was an amazing, power-packed, full-on 2-day workshop that shifted a lot of things internally for both myself and my partner in our relationship. We got to fully experience giving ourselves to love, to be love and to receive love. Amazing tools that we can use every day of our lives.
This was by far the most fun thing I’ve ever done.
Sonika & Christian are fabulous mentors. They’re a fantastic example of what all of us would really like to have in a relationship
And best of all, I started a wonderful relationship with a man
My inner and outer life has changed immeasurably! I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in years. My earnings for the first six months of this year are the highest ever. I have raised my rates to clients. My relationships with family have become gentler and more loving.

And best of all, I started a wonderful relationship with a man after being single for three years

My wife and I have gained priceless insights and tools …
The content of your seminars is extremely well thought out and presented. I was able to relate your real life experiences to my own and learn from the clarity you portray. My wife and I have gained priceless insights and tools from attending your weekends. I cannot rate you highly enough!