Heart of Relating

7-Week Home Study Course

Your relationship started out wonderfully, right?

So what the heck happened!?


Dear Friend,

The quality of your relationship impacts EVERY aspect of your life.

Have you discovered that?

When your relationship is stressed, it has a direct and measurable impact on your health, your career performance, your finances and your kids.

Conversely, when your relationship is working harmoniously, you are more productive, you make more money, and you are generally healthier, happier and full of passion for life.

You want so much to live in relationship where you get to be your best self. Where you can have fun and laugh together, share the miracles and challenges of life with your beloved, and enjoy deep intimacy and heart-connected sex.


You’ve probably already tried all kinds of stuff to make it better. You’ve “done personal growth work”. You’ve listened to Oprah or Dr Phil. You’ve watched The Secret or Abraham or some other teachers of “new thought” material, Law of Attraction, and the likes.

You might even believe you “create your own reality”.

So why isn’t your relationship fabulous already?

Why aren’t you feeling relaxed and having fun with each other?


Why does it seem so hard to make your relationship work joyously and harmoniously? Why does it so often turn sour, indifferent or even hostile over time?

After all, it started out wonderfully, right? You adored each other, you loved spending time together, you were eager to learn about one another, you were forgiving and gracious with each other’s “weirdnesses”, and your sex was great!

But then something happened! Sometimes suddenly, but more often gradually and stealthily, without you really noticing it till much later.

And you wonder …

“WHAT HAPPENED! Why is he not listening any more?
Why does she not want to be intimate with me, like in the beginning?

Why does he seem so distant?

Why does she criticize me like that?”

There are actually good reasons for all this. And it’s really not your fault.

We’d like to assure you that there’s nothing wrong with you! Or your partner.


 “Everything has shifted for us.

Before LoveWorks, we were so disconnected from each other – unaware of how dangerous that was.

Everything has shifted for us. We are now able to tackle HUGE conflicts, things you’re “supposed to give up on” with increasing gratitude and understanding.

It is very likely we would not still be together if it were not for the things we have learned through LoveWorks.”

Kate & Spencer

But there IS something wrong with how you DO relationship!


Let’s back it up a bit here.

It was never meant to be so difficult. It just got that way because you inherited a screwed-up relationship system. You always did the best you knew, but since no one ever taught you a workable system of relating, you were set up to fail, and like everyone else, you sort of stumbled your way forward, hoping for the best, but getting more and more frustrated with not getting your needs met, and more and more resentful at your partner for not being able – or even wanting to – give you what you need!

Relationship is a peculiar aspect of life. It affects you deeper than any other aspect of your life. It impacts you from cradle to grave. It has a direct (and measurable) effect on your health, your career performance, your finances, and your kids.

And yet…

 “Jason and I are like kids re-inventing how to be together so that every day is like the first day ….

I feel more energized and I am actually looking forward to doing a trip in his truck. The homework in The Heart of Relating keeps replacing all the negative stuff with new fun positive possibilities.”

Eva & Jason

Relationship is still the one aspect of life where you expect yourself to excel with no training!


In fairness, you did receive SOME training. Namely the mandatory classes you unwittingly took from your parents first, then from Hollywood second.

You still make relationship choices based on the lessons from those classes.

Here’s an example of what happens when you don’t have solid relationship tools …

You know something needs to change, right? You know your connection isn’t what it used to be, and you want to try to fix it. He doesn’t pay attention to you anymore, so what do you do?

You tell him! But he doesn’t seem to change after the first time you tell him, so you tell him again. And again! Until it becomes a racquet.

Do you get better intimacy?

Here’s another example …

She seems to criticize your choices these days! You really want to be treated with respect. What do you do? You tell her to leave you alone, and you back off. But she doesn’t.

On the contrary, she comes at you more. So you withdraw into your own world of mental grumbling, TV watching, or work. Did that help? No! She only seems to be after you even more!

So you withdraw more! And tell yourself, “I shouldn’t have to put up with this!”

Did you get more respect? Nicer communication?

Listen, we really want you to hear this …


You are set up to fail!

It’s the cruel irony of relationship that most of the things you do to improve your relationship, actually make it worse!

And what is needed to turn it around is not just another way to talk nicer to each other (although that can be very nice and helpful). It’s not a new “compromise” where you negotiate a “settlement” that allows you to co-exist under the same roof.

You want so much more in relationship than merely co-existing.

You want intimacy, connection, freedom, fun, building together, supporting each other; you want to be your best self, and your partner to bring their best self to the table.

You want to love fully, laugh, make love and see the stars, raise amazing kids, discover the world together, leave a legacy.


You need a totally, radically different way of relating


Just as repairing theroof work on a house that has a rotten foundation is pointless, so is adding new relationship techniques on a rotten relationship foundation.

So we’re not going waste your time and merely teach you some new communication skills (although you’ll get those in the course, too).

We’re not just going to teach you to “fight fair” (although you’ll learn that, too).

This course will give you a radical new paradigm for relationship (“paradigm” meaning “foundation”, the entire way you look at relationship).

AND we’ll give you the proper tools for dealing with the disagreements and snafus that inevitable occur between you.

The results of this course can be miraculous!

We’re not kidding. More couples than we keep track of have started this course feeling totally alienated and resigned, and inside of 7 short weeks have had massive breakthroughs that put them on a totally new relationship track.

Take Suzanne and Scott as an example. Married 20 years, they had grown very distant and estranged. Their intimacy and physical touch were pretty much non-existent by the time they found us.

After working with this course, she said …

We have put all our 35+ years worth of relationship expertise into this course. We give you a totally new foundation for relationship, and then add lots of specific, practical tools for how to deal with the everyday situations that come up.

The Heart of Relating is a 7-week class you do from home. It contains more than 20 hours of instruction (on 14 CD’s), and comes with a 52-page workbook with written exercises, homework assignments and additional articles.

So let’s tell you how the course is laid out, session by session.

“Scott & I have been so stuck so long … I didn’t have a lot of hope.

And we’re not stuck anymore!
I have hope!”

Suzanne & Scott

SESSION 1: A New Beginning

  • What the hell happened? The “downward spiral” explanation of why you fell out of love.
  • Start walking the “upward spiral”back to love. And never stop.
  • Get a totally new paradigm for relating.
  • See your partner like you did in the beginning – through Love’s eyes … with a twinkle:-)
  • Find the part of yourself that is far beyond squabbling and hurt.
  • Start fresh, no matter where you are right now.
  • Create the relationship vision you should have done on your honeymoon.
  • After this one session, lots of couples have reported almost having forgotten what it was they were unhappy about, so huge was the relief and hope they felt.

SESSION 2: What You Always Really Wanted

  •  Unleash your wanting. (What you THINK you want in relationships is not what you REALLY want).
  • How you’ve been set up to chase after love and happiness where you could never find it.
  • Discover what you REALLY want.
  • The Fulfillment Formula: From what you don’t like to the experience you’re craving in 5 minutes!
  • And how to get it, now!
  • How to change your partner (but not in the way you think:-)

SESSION 3: Breaking Free From The Box

  • Literally break free from the box you hate and that keeps you “boxed up”. Set each other free!
  • Step-by-step recipe to un-box each other.
  • Discover what you’re REALLY upset about. We guarantee you, it’s not what you think it is (which is why you haven’t been able to solve your problems).
  • 10 ways to change any belief that no longer serves you!
  • Creating your partner “from the future” instead of from the past.

SESSION 4: Redefining Your Responsibility

  •  The transformational power of taking 100% responsibility.
  • A new definition of responsibility (no, it’s not about “whose fault it was”).
  • How to use your judgments and complaints productively.
  • Appreciating (yes, appreciating!) the breakdowns and problems in your relationship.

SESSION 5: Letting Your Feelings Guide You

  • Essential presence practices for cultivating honesty, transparency, and conscious awareness in your relationship.
  • What to do when intense emotions arise.
  • How to leverage, and milk the information from, the language of your feelings.
  • A modern version of an ancient practice to deepen intimacy and connection.
  • Creating a safe space for expressing yourself and being truly heard.

SESSION 6: What To Do When You’re Triggered!

  • Specific steps to take when you’re triggered!
  • Know exactly what to do any time you get upset (so you can be done with fights in 5 minutes instead of 5 weeks).
  • Common mistakes couples make that keep the fights going.
  • Specific words to avoid during arguments.
  • Simple, yet profound, method for saying “I’m sorry” in a way that works (and it’s not just another “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again”).
  • Must-know communication tips.
  • How to deal with resentment and anger.

SESSION 7: From “Me” To “We”: Moving As True Partners

  • Discover what has your partner and yourself truly feel loved.
  • From “Me” to “We”: How to move as true partners.
  • Resolving conflicts and impasses easily.
  • Stepping into each other’s shoes. Really understand each other.
  • How to create win-wins every time you disagree (we don’t believe in compromises where you get half and I get half. A win-win leaves both of you happy and satisfied!)
  • Walk together in life as partners, hand in hand, as you intended from the beginning!

The Heart of Relating is only $697!

Or 3 easy payment of $250 

All the issues just melt away …

I’ve done so much personal growth work on myself in the past 20 years, and I’ve always had the reaction of “yeah, that’s great, BUT…”

With the LoveWorks approach, I have NO buts! All the issues just melt away; they just disappear – they disappear! And when I get triggered, I’m right on it, and get right back to feeling good.”


Let’s give you some more details of what you’ll learn:

  • How to create your relationship to be an intimate, empowering, nurturing partnership.
  • To quickly connect with your Power and inner guidance
  • Why you don’t get what you want in relationship (isn’t that what you really want to know?
  • Why your WANTING actually keeps you from HAVING what you want. Surprisingly, the more you want, the less you get (see why you’re set up to fail?)
  • Create a vision for your relationship that will serve as a beacon for you, a leading star you can move towards.
  • How to get un-stuck
  • Constructively use your complaints as launching pads for what you truly want.
  • How to distinguish between what you THINK you want, and what you REALLY want.
  • Deepen your intimacy
  • From “Me” to “We” – how to move in true partnership
  • Using your anger, hurts, complaints for they’re intended, i.e. propelling you forward (instead of tearing you apart).
  • What to do in the middle of a fight, to rapidly restore connection (and so it doesn’t escalate and create more mess)
  • How to Un-box each other (ever feel your partner has you in a box? It’s probably mutual:-)
  • How to make an apology that works (have you noticed “I’m sorry” doesn’t do the trick?)
  • Discover your partner’s Love Strategy. Know what has you and your partner feel loved and acknowledged.
  • Be the Master of your relationship and your destiny
  • And tons more.

We call this our “relationship bible” because we literally have put in it the same thinking, actions and strategies that have successfully created hundreds and hundreds of amazing relationships (including our own).

I can’t believe more people don’t know about the tools and strategies you are teaching!

This course has given us the communication tools to use to move us through challenges. It also helped us be more proactive in co-creating the relationship and life we want together. It is imprinted in us for life and we both feel so renewed and optimistic!”

S & K

If you relate to any of these relationship “symptoms”, The Heart of Relating is perfect for you.

You …

  • Are sick of petty arguments and superficial interactions
  • Deal with the same complaints and issues over and over again
  • Have a “sort of okay” relationship, but you long for more
  • Go from one unsatisfying relationship to another
  • Have given up on getting what you want in your relationship
  • Feel like the passion have died in your relationship, and you don’t know what happened
  • Feel like the fun died along with the passion
  • Are ready to change something, but you don’t know what or how
  • Are longing to enliven and deepen your relationship
  • Want to re-kindle the passion and intimacy
  • Want to improve your relationship skills in general

The Heart of Relating is a 7-week course, with one session per week (each session is 2 CD’s, for 14 CD’s total). Each session includes cutting-edge teaching, experiential exercises and homework assignments to complete in between sessions.

Get started now, and set your relationship on the right path!

Don’t do what so many do …

Don’t wait to get support
until it’s beyond repair!

Don’t wait till you hit The Tipping Point!

All the issues just melt away …

I’ve done so much personal growth work on myself in the past 20 years, and I’ve always had the reaction of “yeah, that’s great, BUT…”

With the LoveWorks approach, I have NO buts! All the issues just melt away; they just disappear – they disappear! And when I get triggered, I’m right on it, and get right back to feeling good.”


Once you hit The Tipping Point, it’s too late. Unfortunately, a lot of couples don’t realize the seriousness of their relationship problems until one them says, “I’M DONE!”, at which point it’s often too late.

Some of the warning signs that you’re marching towards the Tipping Point are:

  • There’s an UNHAPPY mood in your house
  • Sleep in the same bed or house ?without cuddling or having sex
  • Avoid or ignore each other
  • Stay busy with TV, work, activities
  • Your woman doesn’t talk toyou
  • Your man would rather be somewhere else
  • You have a nagging feeling something isn’t right
  • You blow up at each other
  • Your sex is infrequent, boring, predictable, or nonexistent

Don’t wait till it’s too late, OK?

Get started with the Heart of Relating today!

The Heart or Relating is only $697!

Or 3 easy payments of $250