About The LoveWorks Solution

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Welcome to The LoveWorks Solution!

Have you ever been in a relationship that started out great and later went downhill?

Most of us have been through the journey of falling in love, building a relationship, and then later, without meaning to, losing sight of the love we shared.

The joy, intimacy and passion that catapulted us into sweet deep partnership during the honeymoon stage disappear. Instead of laughing, gazing into each other’s eyes, talking for hours, making wild passionate love and going out on fun adventures together, we get caught up in the logistics and screens of life and end up feeling lonely, bored, pissed off, and disconnected from each other.

When it gets really bad, we contemplate separation and divorce.

The LoveWorks Solution offers a light-hearted proven path to help you successfully rebuild broken relationships! At LoveWorks, you learn how to fall in love again, deepen your intimate connection, resolve conflicts quickly, rekindle your chemistry spark, and work together as loving partners to co-create your ideal relationship.

Our approach will not only dramatically improve your intimate relationship, but will also positively impact your relationships with children, family, friends, ex’s and co-workers.

LoveWorks welcomes people of all ages (over 18), genders, races, beliefs, identifications, affiliations, and relationship configurations.

Whether you are newlywed and head-over-heels in love, or miserable and fed up, happily married for 30 years or in the middle of separation, single and loving it or single and hating it, monogamous or polyamorus, widowed or divorced, in a healthy relationship or a toxic relationship, The LoveWorks Solution can support you on your relationship journey. You will gain skill and confidence in your ability to navigate challenges and support for creating rewarding, uplifting, loving relationships that help you to reach your Full Potential.

LoveWorks began almost 40 years ago when Sonika was a college student obtaining degrees in Sexuality, Psychology, and Social Work. She completed 3200 supervised hours to become a licensed therapist (a license she opted not to pursue). Sonika noticed that the tools and skills she was learning through the educational system and passing on to her clients only went so far at helping herself and struggling couples get unstuck in relationship.

Through her formal education, dozens of workshops, personal development programs, and professional certification courses, along with her diverse personal relationship background and experience, Sonika set out to create a better set of relationship tools and distinctions that produced positive results fast.

Sonika’s tenacity laid the foundation for The LoveWorks Solution, which has since been shared with thousands of couples, singles, parents, and individuals seeking a higher degree of proficiency in relationship. Her eclectic and positive approach to transforming relationship features innovative practical practices that can be instituted right away to create progressive change.

Often, people who come to LoveWorks are tired of having the same fights over and over again, and are disappointed that everything they’ve tried hasn’t been working. They are looking for relief, greater ease, more connection and intimacy.

At LoveWorks, we have recognized an odd paradox about modern humans (all of us:-): On the one hand, we expect more and more out of our relationships than ever before, but on the other, we have zero training with which to fulfill those expectations.

Understandably, we’re no longer singularly satisfied with marriage being a practical arrangement to help each other survive and pass on the family name. We also want companionship, hot sex, friendship, deep and honest communication, intellectual stimulation, spiritual sparring, financial security, safety and mystery, trust and challenge – in general, we want ALL of our needs to be met.

To top off our unrealistic expectation that relationship fulfill our every need, we also want to reap the rewards of all of these positive benefits with little or no relationship education or mentoring. Relationship, parenting and sex, are one of the few domains of life where we demand success with no training.

Think about it … would you get into an airplane if the pilot told you, “Well, I don’t have any training, but both my parents were pilots, so I have a good sense of it”? Of course not! Yet, that’s exactly what we’re doing in intimate relationships. We are basically winging it and hoping for the best based on our observations of others.

Needless to say, high expectations and no education are a recipe for disappointment, breakdown, and shame about our inability to keep relationships harmonious and thriving.

In our
LoveWorks Solution Starter Guide
, we talk about the many current changing relationship trends that are happening today. But what hasn’t changed is the fact that most of us still want to be in lasting, loving relationships despite the fact that for most of us, our dreams of happy-ever-after don’t materialize.

At LoveWorks, we are a stand for love. Love is a state, a space we can enter at any time. Love is an active verb – we can learn how to DO love. Love works! No matter how many “failed” relationships you’ve had, love is a real, viable and doable option for you!

At the end of the day, isn’t that what we seek? To love; to feel loved by someone else; to share; to talk; to touch; to feel seen by others?

In relationships, we often hope our problems will go away simply by the passage of time. But relationships don’t get better by themselves.

Ever hear the saying, “Hope is not a strategy”?

In order to move differently in relationship, intimacy, and sex, you will need to learn new distinctions and practices. It’s not fair to you or your partner to expect different results by using the same unworkable relationship behaviors that you have practiced for decades.

The good news is that your intimate relationships can be a tremendous catalyst for your own personal and spiritual growth. You might be attracted to The LoveWorks Solution to improve your marriage, to have a better dating experience, to get more skilled at relating to your teenagers at home, to sharpen your skills as a boss or co-worker. Either way, you will find that The LoveWorks Solution will take you much deeper into yourself. You will elevate your awareness of who you are, how you show up, what you really want, how you contribute to others, and how to align with your own values and spiritual beliefs. Mastering loving relationships is a direct path to mastering yourself and finding true meaning in your life.

The LoveWorks Solution is light-hearted and future-oriented. It places more emphasis on where you’re going than where you’ve been.

We focus more on what you want to create going forward than what has kept you from creating what you want in the past. While it can be useful to uncover why we behave in ways that don’t serve us, LoveWorks doesn’t focus on analyzing dysfunctions, reviewing painful pasts, airing dirty laundry and dredging up relationship insecurities. We focus instead on creating the experience you want right now, and we give you tools to quickly begin to foster the kind of relationship you truly want.

With our unique and practical approach to relationship, you learn how to connect in love quickly, to resolve conflicts effectively, to understand and forgive one another, and to access the very best of yourself in all your relationships. You learn how to reignite your sexual spark from scratch and heat up the passion in your love life. You discover the secrets to creating successful relationship.

We bring together principles from cognitive biology and behavioral theory, transformational psychology, positive psychology, spirituality and goal-oriented coaching. Our work holistically includes the emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual and intellectual needs we have as human beings in relationship.

All feelings, desires, beliefs, problems and behaviors in your relationship are safely respected and confidentially used as launching pads to create all of what you truly want in your relationship.

We are not therapists, and the work we do is not therapy, and many use us as an alternative to traditional therapy. Indeed, some of our students have said that the transformation they got from our two-day training, was “equal to three years of intensive weekly therapy”.

Because of the uniquely practical, effective and light-hearted nature of The LoveWorks Solution, we are a choice destination for many licensed therapists to work on their own marriages and personal relationships. Many therapists also refer their clients to us who are in need of real transformation in their own relationships. Thankfully, we are approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to provide continuing education credits to MFT’s, LCSW’s, and LPCC’s.

Another unique aspect of LoveWorks is that we include both couples and singles in our workshops and programs. You can attend with a partner or come by yourself, and you can attend whether or not you are currently in a relationship. We deliberately include both singles and couples in our courses because they jointly support each other in their relationship work to break up negative patterns, and offer different perspectives.

No matter what your relationship status or situation is, our work will give you a radical new way to approach relationship that will help you in every relationship, to create more of the love, intimacy and good feeling you long for.

The LoveWorks Solution can be accessed through our live experiential weekend trainings, individual or couples coaching, online programs and more.

During Covid times, we have developed short, topic specific workshop for Couples and Singles.

Our most popular place to start is our Level One Give Yourself to Love Weekend for couples and singles. This weekend is a requirement for accessing the higher levels of weekend trainings. Learn more about Level 1 here.

No matter what your relationship status or situation is, our work will give you a radical new way to approach relationship that will help you in every relationship, to create more of the love, intimacy and good feeling you long for.