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Are you tired of feeling lonely?


Done with dates that feel all weird and stifled?


And are you SOOO ready to finally meet your big Love?

Dear Friend,

When I (Christian speaking) was single, the hardest part was how desperately lonely I felt. It didn’t matter how many dates I had, the love and real intimacy I craved seemed impossible to find.

What made my loneliness even worse, is that I never told anyone!

I never told anyone how badly I wanted to find love, to find the magical “One” who could be my best friend, lover, confidante, and companion in this life. I never told a soul how badly I wanted this experience of being in love and at home in the arms of my special “One” with whom I would marry and have children.

I knew it HAD to be possible … well, at least I really, really hoped it would be possible for me. (There were many days I had my doubts.)

In fact, hope was my only tool. I just kept doing the same-old-same-old dating patterns, hoping that at some point I’d meet the “One” … but after repeating myself endlessly for more than a decade, I discovered there was a whole lot more to meeting the “One” and creating a fabulous relationship than merely going out on lots of dates and waiting for magic to strike.

You see I used to think that being in relationship was like breathing. I expected it to just happen by itself. I expected that if I found the right person, the “One”, that we would fall in love, stay magically in love forever without having to work at or learn anything.

But that wasn’t really working for me.

In fact, the more I dated and the more I searched, the more lonely and hopeless I felt.

At some point, the pain became so unbearable, that I vowed to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to learn a new way to be in and create relationship.

So I spent two years not dating and not being sexual, and devoted my focus to studying relationship. What I learned astonished me.

 My next relationship was a consciously created one, with a woman who later became my wife. She was NOTHING like what I would have imagined my perfect partner would be, but she was EVERYTHING I wanted and hoped for. We have created the most AMAZING loving, intimate, passionate relationship. Yes, with full-on wedding and everything.

But trust me, I had to learn a whole new way to be with dating and relationships to make it happen.

Now I devote my life to helping others create their ideal relationship. (And would you have guessed, the woman of my dreams turned out to be a master relationship expert with 30 years experience!)

So we know how you feel!

If you’re anything like us and most of the singles and couples we work with, you’ve also done a lot of “work on yourself”. You’ve studied how to create more effortlessly, you’ve looked at how you’re creating this reality; you’ve examined honestly how you might be “sabotaging” yourself.

You want deep connection, not just shallow chit-chat. You want mature, adult communication, not someone else to point fingers at. You take responsibility for your life, and you want someone who does that, too. You like growing yourself, and you want someone to grow with. You’re a good and decent person!

So why the heck can’t you create this relationship you dream of?

It’s not like you haven’t been out there.

You’ve been dating; you’ve created the best possible looking profiles on match.com, or okcupid, or some other site. You’ve anticipated with held breath if someone would reply to you, and you might even have created a real date with someone.

That is, if you’re not already so resigned about dating that you’ve just given up on entirely.

But most of your dates don’t turn out at all like you’d like them to. You do your darndest to show up with your best foot forward to make a good first impression, but you almost always get disappointed. Within minutes – or or seconds even! – it’s pretty obvious that this person across from you isn’t “IT”, but you politely sit through a superficial evening and draw a sigh of relief when it’s over.

What’s sad is not just the disappointment.

Heck, anyone can handle feeling disappointed here and there. No, it’s the accompanying doubts that come flooding in.

“Am I getting too old for this?” “Are all the good men already taken?” “I’ll NEVER find the right one!” “All the women I’m attracted to, aren’t attracted to ME!” “What is WRONG with me that I keep attracting these people?”

This is extra hard because it really takes some courage and trust to put yourself out there, yeah? And every time your hopes are dashed, you protect yourself a little more, a little more reluctant to risk getting hurt yet again.

We’re here to tell you – to positively ASSURE you – that there is nothing wrong with you! There’s nothing wrong with the people you meet, either.

There’s just something wrong with how you go about finding the “One” and creating that great relationship!

You have inherited an antiquated model for being single and for creating relationship. It never worked in the past, and it’s never going to work.

So let’s talk a bit about some of the things that aren’t working … and some of it may shock you!

Notice what Trinh said above about the difference between the “Form” and the “Experience”?

That refers to your “List”. You know, the list of qualities and requirements you have in a new partner; the list that you have carefully compiled over many years of experience.

“I was dating a few different guys and feeling like I’ll never truly fall in love, until I bumped into Michael 2 months ago. Within a couple of weeks I found myself committed to exploring an exclusive relationship with him. I never thought I’d fall for someone like Michael if I were to go on “form”, which I would have in the past, but greatly because of my LoveWorks work, I was open to the “experience” of the deep and unique heart connection we have. I’ve never had a connection like it before. It almost seems destined or a past life thing. Strangers smile and say stuff like “Aaw, a couple in love.” We’ve even gotten free dessert once from Whole Foods for being “obviously in love.”


First Problem:

Your “List” very effectively DESTROYS all chances of relationship ever happening!

What’s really confusing is that loads of people – your friends, dating experts, authors – may have told in no uncertain terms that it’s crucial that you get clear about what you want in your next partner and your next relationship.

So you’ve taken great pains to get super clear that you want to find someone who’s responsible, emotionally available, good looking, charming to be around, good with kids, attractive (where sparks fly, and there’s chemistry); someone who lives nearby, who’s ready for relationship, loves pets (or not, if you hate pets). It should be a man who isn’t obsessed with sports, or a woman who lets you do your own thing. Oh, and let’s not forget, someone who’s willing to COMMIT! (or not, if you aren’t).

Every time you meet a new person, you automatically perform a “List screen”. You look at the person in front of you, and your mind makes a snapshot assessment of this person compared to every item on your list. It takes all of a split second, and in that brief moment, you’ve already decided if this is someone you could be in relationship with. Mostly, it definitely isn’t!

And they’re of course doing the same thing to you! In that environment of instant assessment and judgment, relationship has about zero chance of happening, EVEN WITH THE “RIGHT” PERSON!

Second Problem:

You go out WAITING instead of CREATING!

Whether you go out on dates or not, you do so from a stance of, “I’ll see what happens”. You know, you go on a date with some “to check it out”, to check him or her out. Even if you’ve had contact over the phone, or you’ve met at a friend’s house before, you still go on the date to “see what’ll happen”.

The same is true even if you’re not particularly fond of dating (read: hate it and don’t want to!). You still go about your date, HOPING against hope that “something, or some-one, will happen”.

So there you are, on the first encounter, waiting to see what he or she is like. Basically, without necessarily being aware of it, you’re saying, “Show me what you got! Show me who you are! We’ll see if I like what I see!”

And that is a huge problem! One that makes your chances of a great dating experience, not to mention true love and eventual relationship, virtually zero.

It becomes like going to a potluck where no one brought food! You’re really hungry (= you want love a lot), and you’re looking forward to all the yummy dishes (=you hope he or she will show you something good), but you’re not bringing any dish yourself (=you’ll “wait and see”). And the other person is doing the same thing, so there you are at the potluck buffet table, with not a meal in sight!

One of the main turn-arounds we give you is showing you how to go out CREATING, instead of WAITING. When you’re waiting, you’re not in your power; you’re not accessing your creative force, and you’re not attractive, period.

When you discover how to go out CREATING (=always bringing juicy, nourishing food), you are going to be blown away at how awesome your dates or chance encounters will be. We’re serious, it won’t even matter to you if the person across from you is someone you want to see again or not. Because YOU will feel great, nourished, fulfilled, in your power. Full! And when you feel like that, you are truly ATTRACTIVE.

But because most singles go out empty-handed, waiting instead creating, they run into the third big problem:

Third Problem:

You think the person you meet on a date is who they actually are!

When you go out on a date, you do your best to make a good impression, right. You dress up and groom yourself. You try to be pleasant and just a little bit amusing. You don’t talk about all the horrible things that happened to you in your life, and you don’t reveal how hurt and disappointed you felt last time your ventured out into relationship. In short, you try to make a good and favorable first impression, and not scare this person away with all your “personal stuff”.

The person across from you of course does the same thing. It’s a first date, after all, not a therapy session!

Whereas that is a well-meant overall intention, it has the result – every time – that you’re presenting a pale shadow of yourself. Like the proverbial iceberg of which only 7 % is visible above the water, you go out presenting a 7%-version of yourself. And you’re dating a 7%-version of this other person.

You know how hurt and mad you feel when you get written off after the first date by someone? You think, “He never even got to know me!” Or, “She has no idea who I am”.

You’re right about that. Barring the obvious exceptions, like some psycho who just got released after 20 years in Sing-Sing, you can’t possibly know a fraction of who someone is after one date!

Which brings us to the fourth – and possibly the most damaging and stressful – problem you face as a single person:

You want to know if this is the right person for you! NOW!

We’re just going to be blunt with you, OK? So bear with us, and please don’t take it personally, because it isn’t. It really is not your fault, and there really, truly is nothing wrong or flawed about you. You’re just following the same defunct dating system everyone else does.

Here goes:

Because you consequently try to decide way too soon if this is the “right” person for you, or if this person is “relationship material”, you eliminate ALL chances of relationship happening!

And you create a whole lot of stress and anxiety for yourself in the process. It’s not just when you’re dating, either.

We talked to a man the other day who’s been with his girlfriend for 9 months. But he’s not totally sure she’s IT! He’s not absolutely positive that it’s the right thing to do to commit fully to this relationship, even though they bought a house and moved in together. And it’s driving him crazy!

“Is she the woman I want to marry?” …. This question is running is his mind all the time.

He feels like he can’t allow himself to totally BE with her; to enjoy it fully, because “what if she’s not the “One”. Being a person who values integrity and honesty, he said, “I don’t want to give her the wrong idea, or false hopes”. He also doesn’t want to give himself false hopes, only to have them shattered when it turns out she not the right “One”.

Can you relate, even if you haven’t moved in with someone yet?

When you do meet someone, typically some version of this man’s decision process runs through your mind. Again, with the perfectly valid and well-meant intention of protecting yourself from hurt and disappointment and not wanting to jerk the other person around, either.

The sad thing is, the end result is you literally make it impossible to find and create the relationship you want so dearly.

Please listen carefully to this:

Dating is NOT meant to be a process of deciding Yea-or-Nea, Marriage-or-Not, within a couple of dates. Not even within a couple of weeks, or months!

“So what am I supposed to do?” You might be asking by now. If it doesn’t work to go out dating like you have been doing, and it for sure doesn’t work to stay at home “hoping”, either. And if trying to figure out if the person you DO meet prevents relationship, what’s left?

We designed Singles Breakthrough to Love to answer these questions, and to give you a RADICALLY DIFFERENT way of being single, including a highly efficient, honest, and nurturing way of dating!

So let’s tell you a bit about what’s in Singles Breakthrough to Love. It’s a compact course, lasting 6 weeks, with one session per week. And you can do it all from your couch.

And we warn you up front: It WILL mess with what you believe about dating, being single, and relationships!

SESSION 1: Calling In Love

  • Start fresh, no matter where you are
  • Envision and call in your desired relationship
  • Access your infinite power to create what you want
  • Eliminate fear, resistance and reaction
  • Identify and move towards what you REALLY want (it’s not what you think!)
  • Cultivate the good FEELING of being in relationship NOW

SESSION 2: The Powerful YOU

  • Create yourself anew from VISION and POSSIBILITY
  • Discover the Magic Tool that moves you easily from where you are to where you want to be…
  • Go STRAIGHT for your heart’s true desire and GET IT!
  • Change your world! Shift your focus off of what you “don’t” have and want on to what you “DO” have and want
  • Discover how close your Beloved is in your life already

SESSION 3: Releasing the Past

  • Gain insight and harvest the gifts from past relationships
  • Transform resentments into appreciations
  • Find forgiveness (for you!)
  • Bring ease to your heart
  • Learn the six steps to deeply apologize, if necessary
  • Once-and-for-all complete your past relationships!
  • Free yourself to move towards new love


  • Eliminate resistance, lack of clarity and ambivalence about stepping into relationship
  • How to take the best of being single with you into relationship so you don’t lose ANYTHING (have the best of both worlds)
  • Relish being single along the way to love!
  • Feel GREAT about being YOU, just as you are right now.
  • Create a brand-new committed path


  • How to make EVERY date fulfilling, energizing and fun!
  • Ditch your “List”
  • Understand why your dates haven’t worked so far
  • Cultivate intimacy right out of the gate
  • Never again fret over “Is this the right person?”
  • Discover how to cultivate intimacy from the get-go
  • Nurture the “seedlings” of new relationship
  • How to QUIT wrecking your relationship potential


  • Identify how you limit yourself from your creating true Love
  • Super effective ways to change your core self-limiting beliefs
  • Create an internal foundation to support your new love life
  • Living in a new love paradigm
  • Bringing it all together! Aligning you with your ideal relationship vision and bringing love home!

Singles Breakthrough is only $697!

Or 3 easy payments of $250

Your relationship is waiting!

Much Love

Sonika & Christian