Self-Study Programs and Audios

Each mini-workshop for couples deals with one specific relationship issue, such as emotional intimacy, trust in a relationship, how to have more intimacy in your marriage, or how to make an apology that works after breakdowns. And we keep making more.

Mini-Workshop for Couples

The mini-workshops take only 90 minutes of your time. They can be done anytime from your couch, kitchen table, bedroom or back yard. We guide you through useful concepts and exercises that you do with your partner as you go.

How To Revive Your Intimacy.

Little or no intimacy in a marriage or relationship is hard. But it’s possible to build emotional intimacy with your partner with simple steps and exercises.
This mini-workshop walks you through, step by step.

How To Stay In Love, Even When Hurt Or Angry.

Let’s face it, in relationship we get hurt and angry. It just happens in the course of living. But if it happens enough, it begins to overshadow the love we share.
We will guide you through simple exercises to stay in love, especially when you get hurt or angry.

How To Replace Complaints And Criticism With Constructive Communication.

Do you ever feel criticized in your relationship? Is there too much arguing and bickering? Learn how to turn it into constructive communication and how you can get more of what you want.

How To Be More Understanding During Disagreements

Disagreements often cause irreparable rifts in a relationship. Since disagreements are inevitable, why not learn how to be understanding and remain connected, even when we disagree?

How To Make An Apology That Works

When something hurtful happens in your relationship, has it ever felt sufficient when your partner merely says, “I’m sorry”, and that’s the end of it? Does it repair the damage? Does it put your relationship back to “we’re good”?

How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

You must have trust in a relationship if you want to open your heart, body and soul. Trust fosters safety, connection and emotional intimacy. But there are so many ways trust can be broken or betrayed, and when that happens, it’s really hard to just move onlike nothing happened. If you still have love for each other, you can rebuild trust in your relationship and each other.

How to Get More Intimacy, Sex, Affection

In the beginning of relationship, you have intimacy, sex, and affection. But we all know the “Life happens” scenario: Work, kids, and chores take over and we forget about touching, kissing, playing, and making love. Fortunately, you can rekindle your sex and affection, no matter where you are right now, by learning some simple tricks and engaging in easy activities together.

In Love Again: How To Bring Out The Best In Your Relationship

Remember when you were first in love? When your relationship was fun and easy? But now, you’re not exactly excited to see each other, and you notice criticism and complaint sneaking into your relationship. This doesn’t have to be your love story! With some simple insights and processes, you can learn to bring out the very best in your relationship. Even be in love again!

Getting What You Want In Relationship

There is so much we want from our relationship. And even more we don’t want! When we try to get what we want, we make mistakes that keep us from getting it. One is, what we think we want is not what we really want – which makes it impossible to create satisfaction even if both people WANT to make their partner happy! Learn to get what you want with our simple, yet profound tools.

How To Deal With Triggers

In any marriage or relationship, you’re going to get triggered. Your partner is going to do or say stuff that drives you nuts or upsets you. Any argument you have starts with one or both of you getting triggered. Learning to deal with triggers is an essential foundational skill for a successful relationship. Learn our process for dealing with and talking about triggers and how to change them.

How To De-Escalate Conflicts

You start out having a civil conversation about something, but pretty soon you’re arguing about …. what, exactly? Escalations are emotionally taxing and physically exhausting for both of you. Escalations break down your trust and you never reach resolution. Learn six ways to de-escalate, including a step-by-step process to have a civil conversation when you’re triggered.

How To Love And Understand A Man

Being in relationship with a man is fantastic. But sometimes men are super frustrating. Like, why is it so hard for him to understand your emotional needs? Why can’t he just listen and stop the incessant fixing? Here you’ll get a much deeper insight into to the inner workings of men; how to talk to a man and as a man. A lot of mysteries will suddenly make sense!

How To Love And Understand Women

Being in relationship with a woman is glorious. Except when it’s frustrating and difficult. Like, why does she need to talk so much? And why is she so critical? Many of the irritating quirks and behaviors you and your partner act out, hide deeper truths and insights. Learn deeper insights and tools to talk to a woman or as a woman. Ultimately, reduce your triggers and get more of what you want!

How To Handle Judgments

Do you ever feel judged or criticized in your relationship? Or perhaps you’re the one doing the judging and criticizing? It’s hard feeling judged, when you sense your partner making unfair assessments about you. Judgments are a fact of relationship, so we must learn to handle them positively. Learn several tools to use judgments for increased understanding, compassion, and connection.

How To Avoid Fights

Do you end up in pointless fights with your partner? Do you have conversations that start out calmly, turn into blow-ups? Over time, fighting saps your hope and enthusiasm. On the bright side, you can rest assured there are SO MANY better ways you can communicate. In this mini-workshop, we give you a variety of tools to unilaterally turn things around (and if you both do it, you both win:-)

Audio Presentations

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6 or 7-Week Self-Study Courses

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7-week Home Study Course

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