LoveWorks Podcast

Ep 90: Having Fun Together

Have you ever heard the saying, “Couples who play together, stay together”? 

In our experience working with couples and singles for many years, there is definitely truth to this saying. 

We’ve found that people who play are healthier and more fulfilled in life in general. Couples that play and laugh together have fewer fights. Couples who play and have fun are often more relaxed and creative in bed! Singles that play are happier, more fulfilled and more likely to create connections with others. 

Play is a way to connect beyond words. Play, fun and laughter is a common language we all share. 

On the flipside, play and “chill time” is the first thing to go out the window when we get stressed. 

Can you relate to that? When you’re stressed and maxed out, do you turn to play or is that the last thing on your mind? 

We talk to a lot of couples and individuals who during the elevated stress and challenges of Covid times simply forget about playing and relaxing. And it takes a toll.

As an example, I’ve been coaching two different couples recently. Both couples have similar circumstances. Both couples consist of two full-time working-from-home adults, and both couples have two young children who needs full-time care and both families are stuck inside their houses due to Covid and West Coast wild fires. It’s a challenging time for all of them, to say the least. 

One of these couples is doing pretty great. Despite the elevated stress and huge demands on their time, they work together as a team and make sure to stay in communication and stay in love. 

The other couple is spiraling downwards in anger, stress, arguing and lack of alignment. They’re barely keeping it together. 

There are of course a lot of factors impacting this situation, too many to cover here. But one of the crucial elements of the first couple’s success is that they still find time to play and relax, while the other couple doesn’t manage to find the time or space to play. Which means they never get a break from the stress and disconnection, which in turn wears them down. 

For that reason alone, it’s even more essential to find times and ways to play when you’re stressed. 

Check our blog post for a long list of practical simple ideas for having fun and relaxing: https://loveworkssolution.com/blog/having-fun-in-relationship

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