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Ep 8: Lisa Schrader – Awakening Shakti For Women

Lisa Schrader is the founder of Awakening Shakti. For more than twenty years, she has been supporting and teaching women about awakening their inner Shakti, the sacred feminine energy. She guides women to tap into their magnetic radiance to attract their desires more easily. In other words, how to feel more naturally turned-on and sensually alive.

In our modern Western culture women as well as men live under the creed of work more, perform more, make more money, make more happen, a way of being that is heavily skewed towards masculine energy and ideals.

For a lot of women – and men too – this is highly exhausting and stressful and the effects can be seen in record-high number of depressed women, or women with “adrenal blowout”, to name a few.

In the realm of relationships, women often complain of “not much happening in the bedroom”, or “sex has gone flat”, or, “all the men I date are wimps”.

For every woman, there is an opportunity here, and it’s not just to wait until the perfectly sensual partner shows up and stokes her fire. The opportunity is to find that fire inside yourself, right now, and not only after you’ve accomplished something … like lost 20 pounds, found an awesome partner, gotten bigger breasts, or made yourself look younger.

As Lisa puts it, after awakening her own Shakti and practicing these skills, she now permanently has a “simmering fire” inside, so that whenever she and her partner come together, as an example, she is ready to dive into pleasure and orgasmic enjoyment.

It is this internal “simmering fire” that makes you feel alive, radiant, sensual, and attractive, as well as productive and ready to lead.

Right now, Lisa is gearing up for her coaching program called Lover, Mother, Leader, where she guides women to awaken their own Shakti and reveal their radiance, in all the archetypical roles of a woman’s life, such as Lover, Mother, and Leader.

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Also, Lisa gives tips for how to get started, even if you’ve never delved into this conversation before. Maybe you can just relate to being tapped out and overworked?

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