LoveWorks Podcast

Ep 46: Dating: Exploring New Relationships

The process of dating and exploring new relationships can be both exhilarating and frustrating, fun and demoralizing. If you’re having fun the process, more power to you. We hear from a lot of singles who are not having fun, and who feel overwhelmed and disillusioned with the entire process. We’ve had people tell us that dating is like having a second full-time job! You don’t have to be a relationship expert to figure out that that is not a good starting point for any new relationship.

In this podcast, I’ll talk about many different issues singles run into, such as:

  • I can’t find the right partner; it’s like there are no good ones in my town.
  • They’re always incompatible.
  • I never get a second date.
  • Or, they want a second date and I don’t know how to say no.
  • All they want it sex (also see our podcast ep. 39: When To have Sex When You’re Dating).
  • I feel judged and discarded.
  • I feel loneliness and empty. It’s so long between the times i get touch and affection.
  • CPFS – Chronic Profile Fatigue Syndrome  … others’ profiles as well as your own.
  • Dating, Amazon.com style (also see our podcast episode 12)

Here are some of the suggestions for how to make dating enjoyable and productive. This is the short bullet list; you might want to listen to the entire episode to get the context and full details.

  • Ease up on “the List”
  • Practice relating.
  • Put yourself in a relationship mindset and act accordingly.
  • Improve your expectations.
  • Quit looking for “the ONE!”
  • Make it meaningful. Go deep fast.
  • Have better intentions that set you up  for victory and connection.
  • Vary your first-date MO.
  • Offer appreciation and validation. Even if you never want to see them again.
  • Treat your date like “The One”. Even if you never want to see them again

Rooting for your enjoyable dating experience:))