LoveWorks Podcast

Ep 4: Foundation Part 3: How To Turn Your Relationship Around

“Everything and everyone wants to be loved.”

When we feel unhappy, lonely, disconnected, despairing, hopeless, disappointed, angry, hurt or any other unfavorable feeling in relationship, our first attempt at repairing the relationship and restoring love is to talk about our problems.

We focus on what isn’t working and on what we don’t like, we bring the issues in our relationship to the forefront – often in the form of complaint or blame or criticism to our partners – hoping they’ll instantly change for us as proof of their undying love.

We call this “technique” Complaining For Change. Sadly, this is the #1 go-to solution we use to fix problems in relationship.

Unfortunately, complaining for change and talking about problems often produces resistance, upset and more distance with our partners. It even actually makes our problems worse. It literally produces the exact opposite result you were trying to accomplish.

What to do instead?

In this podcast, we give you solutions for how to positively get your relationship back onto a positive love track. You will learn how to turn your attention towards, and how to highlight, the more favorable aspects of your partner, your relationship and your life together, so that the best of you and your partner can shine.

With this upward spiral of love and appreciation now in motion, many of your problems will evaporate, plain and simple. The ones that remain are more easily addressed from this new foundation of love and appreciation.