LoveWorks Podcast

Ep 37: We fight about money

Money is one of the topics couples fight about the most. We often have strong values and opinions around money. When we don’t have enough of it, it activates our survival fears and once that happens, it’s hard to think straight and make good decisions.

Some experts say that disagreements over money is the number one reason for divorces. We can’t verify that statement, but we know for sure it’s a topic that causes a lot of fighting and breakdowns. If you don’t find a good way to deal with your money conversations, it’ll be a source of contention over and over again, because money is not something we can just ignore or let go of. 

This episode offers a five important ideas to help with your money conversations, and I share story about a boat and what happens when a couple don’t get on the same page before making an important purchase.

Listen to the short episode to get five important ideas to help you with money conversations.