LoveWorks Podcast

Ep 28: Purpose in Relationship

How does your purpose and mission in life go together with your relationships?

This week’s episode is a recorded interview we did for the Power of Purpose Summit hosted by the ManKind Project, an international non-profit supporting men.

As Eric Thomas, the interviewer asks early in the interview: “A lot of times people have a commonly held belief that relationships require some sort of compromise between my individual sense of life purpose and the commitment to my relationship. But it sounds like you view this as both-and? How do relationships support someone’s individual purpose?

We go into more depth about this question, and many more that relate to purpose in life.

It’s been evident to us for many years working with singles and couples, that when we get mired down in silly arguments with each other, like arguing over the dishes, or when my thoughts get locked onto how I’m not smart enough, or wealthy enough, or lovable enough, it is often because we simply don’t have anything more important to occupy ourselves with.

When we spend a lot of time arguing about silly stuff, it’s because there’s nothing bigger calling us forward; no bigger purpose for ourselves and for our relationships.

But what if our relationships were in service of something much bigger than ourselves? Bigger than just me and my own needs fulfillment?

What’s YOUR purpose in relationship? Do you have one?

That’s the discussion we’re having on this episode …