LoveWorks Podcast

Ep 13: How To Have High Transcendental Sex

When we make love with our partner, I believe we secretly long to have a shared soul-merging experience of eternity and bliss with our beloved. We seek nothing less than to lose ourselves completely in love and to be consumed wholeheartedly in pleasure, uniting the physical and spiritual, the human and the divine, in a grand climactic ecstasy of spiritual oneness.

Unfortunately, for most of us, sex is a hurried rush of routine under blankets in the dark, devoid of a miraculous transcendent experience. We enter and leave our sexual encounters already disappointed and vaguely dissatisfied by the mundaneness of our love and pleasure expressions. Many of us wonder if we aren’t missing out on something really important.

I used to think that high transcendental sex wasn’t possible in this life, that it was but a fanciful dream relegated to some afterlife, romance novels, artful porn flicks, or experienced Tantrikas. It wasn’t until I fell in love with Christian and experienced the profundity of sex that I discovered that not only was blissful sex possible, it was entirely re-creatable.

What is transcendent sex? It is a blissful magical extraordinary experience in lovemaking where one enters into an altered state of the Infinite that transcends time and place; where body and spirit, self and other, blur in a mystical realm of non-duality; where high pleasure states and orgasmic energy streams ripple through the entire body unencumbered (not just the genitals); where high emotional embodied states of love, bliss, and ecstasy extend beyond the five senses.

I will attempt here to discuss how to have high transcendental sex with your partner – whether new lover, beloved soul mate, or long time spouse. Much of what I will write here requires a shift in focus and the patient development of new relationship and sex practices, as well as attunement to the moment without expectation or goal (probably the hardest part). 

I will be sharing many aspects and tips for how enjoy this kind of sexual experience.

Among many aspects, I will share how to …

  • Expand your definition of sex
  • Leave your personalities behind
  • Slow down
  • Not be afraid to stop in the middle
  • Use your breathing
  • Move freely and make sounds
  • Relax in high states of arousal
  • Interrupt patterns, habits and routines

Listen to the entire podcast to get the full picture.

As you practice this, remember that most of us have been impacted by an abundance of negative sex messages from our family and culture, or perhaps direct sexual abuse, and very few of us have had any sex education at all. As a result, our reticence to fully express ourselves in sex is understandable. Truth is, it takes time to learn new ways to be in sex, and it takes time and practice to create an experience of High Sex with another.

So please be gentle with yourself and your partner or partners. Take risks where you can. Little actions, like making sounds when you orgasm if you are usually silent, or turning your partner over for a new position, or making eye contact and breathing in unison with your partner, will altogether ultimately open you up to more and more pleasure over time. 

Here’s to your enjoyment and bliss:)