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Emotional intimacy and physical intimacy

are essential aspects of a fulfilling, healthy relationship. Issues with intimacy are commonplace. Busyness, past hurts, and resentments get in the way.

The LoveWorks Solution includes fun and effective tools to (re)build intimacy fast. Watch the video, or for a deeper dive, check out the mini-workshop, How To Revive Your Intimacy, where we guide you and your partner through specific exercises that immediately enhance your sense of intimacy. Can be done from your couch, kitchen table, or bedroom.

Is your partner emotionally unavailable?

Or does your partner say you are? Emotionally unavailable men and women are a big source of relationship issues. It’s tough when you have the sense of not being “met”, heard, and seen. There are differences between men and women, and between personality types, that impact emotional availability.

Emotional availability can be cultivated. In most cases, it’s a matter of learning more effective ways to relate, connect, and communicate. Watch the video or try our free Couple Communication Challenge: 5 minutes a day for week to improve your communication.

Frustrated with your communication?

5 minutes a day for 7 days to improve your communication and connection.

If you’re asking yourself, “Am I in a toxic relationship?”

one thing is certain: Something needs to in your relationship. There are many signs of an unhealthy relationship (watch the video for 10 of them). There are varying degrees of “unhealthy” or “toxic”. If you’re experiencing physical violence, you should get out and/or get help.

There are many other symptoms of a toxic relationship that you are absolutely able to do something about. Criticism, blaming, and arguing can often be turned into trust, intimacy, and good partnership. We have helped thousands of couples do just that.

Trust will make or break a relationship

Of all the foundational pillars, trust in a relationship is perhaps the most essential for building a loving, safe partnership. Trust issues are almost always present when a relationship begins to break down. When you don’t trust your partner, or vice versa, it really hurts. But there many steps you can take to rebuild trust in your relationship over time. You can learn to trust again. We have helped couples and singles for decades to overcome trust issues and find love again.

Communicating about relationships issues or struggles in your marriage can be tough.
Most of the time, you have no idea how you got there, you just know you don’t like it when you argue, disagree, or don’t talk at all.

One thing is certain: Relationship issues don’t go away by themselves. They need to be addressed to have a healthy relationship.

Watch the free video here, or go a little deeper with our virtual mini-workshops for couples, How To Be More Understanding During Disagreements. It takes about 90 minutes and can be done from anywhere you like, anytime.

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