Create the relationship you have always wanted.

Our relationship workshops have been developed from decades of experience working with singles and couples to help them use effective tools for dealing with trust issues with their partners, deepen intimacy, resolve conflict, and for finding life long partners.

Coaching is one of the most formidable forces for personal and relational transformation that exists today. In the confidential, safe, loving space of coaching, you receive tailor-made support to help you address your challenges and go deep fast.

You can engage in coaching with Sonika or Christian from anywhere in the world.

LoveWorks coaching is for couples and singles, men and women. Our unique uplifting approach to relationship, along with a combined 40+ years of accumulated knowledge and experience, can help you rapidly shift your experience in relationship from struggle and disconnection to appreciation and intimacy.

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Sometimes you might engage in coaching to fix an active problem, like a looming divorce, intense loneliness, or “dating fatigue”. Other times, it’s simply to help you reach higher levels of consciousness, love, and connection. Coaching is perfectly suited for both.

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We firmly believe that relationships are meant to be a place where you are empowered to be your best self, and where you feel all the love, intimacy and passion your heart can hold! If you are not happy in your relationships, it is because you don’t know what to do and that can be changed.

We are well aware that relationships are challenging, and sometimes, your relationship – or lack of relationship – stretches you to your limit. Maybe past your limit!

You’ve probably tried everything you could think of on your own to make it work. If you’re still not satisfied with your results, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, your partner(s), or your relationships. It just means that it’s time to add fresh input and get expert mentoring. Getting coaching is a declaration that you are committed to your own growth and to the well-being of your relationships.

If you are interested in coaching, please contact us via the link here or call our office at 530-878-3893. There’s no charge for an initial conversation, and frankly, we love talking you to:-)

Coaching for Couples

Sometimes, you just need help to get un-stuck! You might have already tried having the difficult conversations, tried expressing how you feel, and maybe you have even tried therapy. But clearly, the results haven’t satisfied you, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

If you are like most couples, the more you talk about your problems, the worse they seem to get. When you engage in coaching with Sonika or Christian, you are given a new and unique way to look at your problems that breathes fresh life into your relationship, and you leave with a set of practices to put to use right away! LoveWorks coaching helps you get a deeper insight into your dynamics as a couple, and also gives you very specific practical tools to apply right away.

Couples seek us out for many reasons, such as ..

“My wife wants a divorce”.
“We argue all the time”.
“My husband is totally self-absorbed”.
“It’s like we’re room-mates, not lovers”.
“My wife is always criticizing me; I can’t handle it”
“He never listens”.
“We just don’t communicate anymore”.
“My partner had an affair”.

Just to name a few …

These types of issues definitely need immediate attention, because left unchecked, they will predictably break down trust, intimacy, and love over time. It’s common for couples to try a “wait it out” while hoping things get better, but relationships do not fix themselves just by time passing. “Hoping” is not a reliable strategy.

You might of course be doing great and simply wanting some refinement around your communication or problem solving skills, or just learn from true experts how to make your wonderful marriage even stronger and more satisfying.

We will tell you about one couple who came to us as a last-ditch effort. They were fighting about sex and on the brink of separation. After just one session, they felt connected again, on the same page about sex and hopeful about creating the relationship they both REALLY wanted!

Our coaching is an uplifting alternative to traditional therapy or counseling (and many of our clients come to us after those methodologies didn’t produce sufficient results). In fact, when therapists need coaching for their own marriages, they often come to us. Once they see the results of our coaching in their own relationships, they often refer their own clients to LoveWorks.

In our coaching, we don’t spend a lot of time digging in your past or your childhood. We’ve found that your problems often get worse the more you analyze, scrutinize, and dissect them, which leaves you feeling drained!

We place emphasis on getting you moving towards where you want to go, so you can feel better now, have increased intimacy now, enjoy more love and fun now. It’s a lot easier to improve your situation if you can begin to feel improvement quickly.

Couples will work with Sonika or Christian. We often recommend you engage in a series of coaching sessions (ask us about package deals). If you come as couple, we might set it up so some session are the husband working with Christian; some are the wife working with Sonika; and some are you both together with Sonika or Christian.

For couples who need an intense boost, we offer daylong, in-house coaching retreats (please note very few of these are available; ask us for details).

Coaching for Singles

Being a single person can be empowering and freeing. If you’ve come out of relationships that were less than ideal, being single can be a real breath of fresh air. But it can also be a lonely road to travel. You might spend a lot of time longing for companionship, or wondering when – or if – you’ll meet “The One.”

Dating apps are now the #1 way singles connect with other singles (and it’s important to remember that all the ways people used to meet, like through friends, at parties, at work, etc. didn’t go away just because dating apps came along!)

Navigating the dating scene can be a thrill ride, or it can be a total turnoff. How many times have you dreaded going out on a date, or sat through a boring, awkward evening wondering what the hell you were doing?

Many singles tell us about their “profile fatigue”, and about the hurt of being rejected and discarded over and over again, without getting a chance to show who you really are.

Whether you’re happily single or miserably single, chances are you didn’t lose your desire for love and connection, for having someone to share yourself with. It’s one of those desires that just won’t go away.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. The entire dating system is a setup for disappointment. It’s as if someone designed it to not create relationships, and to have you keep looking, looking, looking, never truly finding true intimacy.

Coaching starts with you and what you want and dream of. Do you want to explore relationship? Do you want to open yourself to love and intimacy? Or do you need to find your own equilibrium first, perhaps after having been in a long marriage that ended? Do you want to discover your sexual self before sharing it with someone else? Or do you just want to have more fun, by yourself and while dating. We always begin with you.

Coaching for Men/Women

We specialize in love, relationships, sex, communication, and how to be the best woman or man you can be!

Men and woman may not literally be from different planets, but we might as well be. Because most of us have only a shallow understanding of the profound differences in our respective “Operating Systems”, we end up taking a whole bunch of stuff personally that was never personal. We tend to project our own desires and shadows onto our partners or dates, seen through our respective masculine or feminine lens.

As an example, we see countless women who are competent, powerful, and confident, but somehow can’t make it jive with men. If that’s you, you probably have a sense that men somehow don’t “meet” you, that they’re not a match for you.

We see an equal number of men who are confused about what kind of man they “should” be: Soft or firm, sensitive or strong, commanding or surrendering, assertive or vulnerable, all of it?

In effect, men often end up approaching their woman and their relationship on tiptoes, with a question mark painted on their forehead, which only serves to set off alarm-bells and insecurity in their partners mind. Men tend to feel criticized and micro-managed by their partners, while women often feel abandoned, un-met, and left holding the bag.

These are just simple examples, and by no means an exhaustive list.

It is equally true for men and women that when you figure out how to truly to embody both your masculine and feminine essence, you have access to a tremendous power source, and you can then utilize this force inside yourself to make you the most attractive human being, lover and partner.

In additions to their professional experience, Sonika has been at the forefront of the women’s movement since the early 80’s, and Christian has been actively engaged in men’s work for over a decade. They have each interacted with or coached and educated thousands of men and women in all facets of relationship and personal development.

To start successful growth, we need someone who can “speak our language”. Oftentimes, that person is not our partner. In fact, as couples it’s a common breakdown that we try to be each other’s coaches. We try to “educate” our partner from our own male or female vantage point. That rarely works.

A coach with deep experience working with women or men can help you burst through your blocks so you can get on with creating yourself to be the man or woman you want to be.

Use the contact link here or get in touch with us if you want to explore coaching. You’re always welcome to call our office at 530-878-3893.