Avoiding Conflict in Relationship

Avoiding conflicts in relationship makes for big shocks She had the same old fight she always had with her husband, but this time, he threw his hands up and said he was done. She was shocked when he took off his ring and moved out of the bedroom. He rarely comes home...

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Broken Trust in a Relationship

Do you ever find it difficult to trust in a relationship? To trust your partner? We talk to so many couples who have problems with broken trust in a relationship (for which reason we designed a 90-minute mini-workshop about rebuilding trust). Whenever trust is broken...

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Love Strategy

What is a Love Strategy? It's the unique way in which you arrive at the experience of feeling loved. If the "What" is feeling loved, then your Love Strategy is the "How". Everyone has their own strategy for feeling loved. Love Strategy is an idea from Neuro-Linguistic...

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Love and Giving in Relationship

        Love gives. This is no more obvious than at the beginning of relationship. When we are in love, we are generous with our giving. We bestow upon our beloved an abundance of touch and attention. It comes naturally to offer gifts and love...

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Is Your Relationship Getting Better Or Worse Over Time?

Is your relationship getting better or worse over time? Or is it staying at a steady flat-line Do you feel you get to be your best self in your relationship? Or does it pull out more of your worst self? Do you get to be more of yourself, or do you have to “cramp your...

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Spending more time together vs more time apart

In your relationship, are you typically the one who is pulling for more time together? Or would you be quite happy spending less time together? When it comes to spending more or less time together in your relationship, there are essentially three different states you...

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Scared To Get Married?

What do you do if you’re getting married but at the same time feeling scared to get married? I remember we once coached a young couple who came to us 4-5 months prior to their already scheduled wedding. They came to us because she in particular was getting very cold...

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How to control anger in a relationship

How do you get anger in a relationship under control? That is a very big topic and there are a lot of important angles to cover about anger in a relationship. In this post, we want to you a few key pieces of background understanding about anger, plus one simple tip to...

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