How To Improve Your Marriage

My Husband Doesn’t Value Me

If you have the experience that your husband/BF/partner doesn’t value you, you probably feel hurt, angry, sad, or all of them in combination. Feeling unvalued impacts your own self esteem and spills over into the quality of your entire relationship, and you might be...

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Reviving Intimacy and Passion

Why does intimacy and passion die over time in relationship? In the beginning of relationship, we are open and in a mood of wonder about who our partner is. We delight in discovering who this amazing being is, eager to uncover the wonderful aspects of this marvelous...

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My Wife Doesn’t Respect Me

        My wife doesn't respect me! What should I do? This is a refrain we often hear from husbands. Obviously, we would all hope that our partners would treat us with kindness and respect, but sometimes that’s not the dynamic we have established....

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How To Make Marriage Fun Again

Anyone else feel like "Groundhog Day" in your marriage these days? Other than stuff we find on our screens, there's a whole lot less diversion and adventure while we're waiting out the corona restrictions. In this post, we’ll offer a few ideas for how to make...

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Get To Know Your Spouse Again

Questions to ask your partner to get to know her or him better. When you've been together with someone for a while, maybe even several decades, it's easy to lose your sense of curiosity and assume you know everything there is to know about that person. You might even...

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How To Survive Working From Home With Your Spouse

In today’s Corona virus (Covid-19) environment, many of us are stuck working from with your spouse or partner, perhaps children, too. Sometimes that’s a blessing and a luxury we’ve been dreaming of, but other times, it’s tremendously stressful and you might want to...

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From Wanting To Having Love And Happiness

Most of us spend more time than we might like to admit wishing for something to be different in our relationships. We want more engagement, less fighting, more sex, less distance, more intimacy, less time watching TV, more appreciation, less criticism, more dates,...

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