Why Play And Fun Matter In Your Relationship

          I remember sitting with my grandparents in the kitchen during one of our family trips to their home in Monterey. With a twinkle in her eyes, my grandma told me about the time she put water in grandpa’s shoes that were stored in the...

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Working as a Team in Your Relationship

        I have had a lot of experiences in life when I made a decision to do something that I knew my partner didn’t want me to do. Each time, the satisfaction of getting what I wanted was short lived, followed quickly by fights and upsets that...

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Physical and emotional intimacy in a relationship

        In our work, we often coach and teach couples about physical and emotional intimacy in a marriage or long-term relationship. In preparation for our Possibilities of Sex workshop, Sonika wrote an email to our subscribers where she...

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What You Can Do To Avoid Fights In A Relationship

        Fighting with your partner sucks! It’s exhausting, it hurts, and it sours the mood in your relationship. So it’s only natural that many couples ask us what they can do to avoid fights in their relationship. This is of course a huge topic. A...

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How To Stop Fighting In A Relationship

        How do you stop fighting in a relationship? This is an all-important question for anyone in a serious relationship. In most relationships, fighting and arguing is a part of life, albeit with varying frequency and intensity. When couples...

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Feeling Judged in Your Relationship

Do you ever feel judged and criticized by your partner? Do you have the sense that your husband doesn’t value you or your wife doesn’t respect you? Do you hear a lot of pointed statements that start with, “You are so ….”? Or perhaps you are the one to speak statements...

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Understanding Men

Being in relationship with a man is a fantastic adventure. It’s challenging and illuminating, even mysterious. Men are powerful, fun, and sexy to be with, right? Whether he’s your husband, father, or friend, you’ve probably seen him go out of his way to make you happy...

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How To De-Escalate Conflicts In Your Relationship

“We go from zero to a hundred in no time – there’s no in-between!” A woman in our last workshop described how she and her husband often end up in loud arguments, seemingly out of nowhere. She honestly shared how they start cussing and name calling, saying things like,...

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Relational Disconnection

I’m reading a great book called Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria by Dr. Beverly Tatum. In the chapter I was reading this morning, she talks about the difficulties of having conversations about racism, and it struck me how much it applied to...

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