Are you in a toxic relationship? Struggling with emotional intimacy? Does your husband value you? Looking to deepen intimacy in your marriage? Has trust been broken in your relationship? Wondering why your spouse or partner is emotionally unavailable? Or are you single and looking for dating advice or help creating new relationships? On this blog you’ll find practical insights and advice on many different relationship issues from us and other relationship experts.


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Scared To Get Married?

What do you do if you’re getting married but at the same time feeling scared to get married? I remember we once coached a young couple who came to us 4-5 months prior to their already scheduled wedding. They came to us because she in particular was getting very cold...

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How To Say No To A Second Date

One of the questions we often hear from singles is “How do I say no to a second date?” You might have been there. You’ve been on a first date with someone. Maybe it was nice enough, maybe not. The person you were dating really wants a second date, but you’re not so...

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How to control anger in a relationship

How do you get anger in a relationship under control? That is a very big topic and there are a lot of important angles to cover about anger in a relationship. In this post, we want to you a few key pieces of background understanding about anger, plus one simple tip to...

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How To Make Your Wife Happy

During my years of relationship coaching, I can’t tell you how many men have said something like this to me: “If only I had a bullet point list of what to do to make her happy”. In this brief post, I’ll give you just that, a bullet list with 6 points for what to do to...

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How To Make Your Husband Happy

How often do spouses wonder how to make their partner happy? Do you ever wonder how to make your husband happy? Does it sometimes seem that what you’re doing must not be working, because he doesn’t seem all that happy? (This post has a twin, how to make your wife...

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My Husband Doesn’t Value Me

If you have the experience that your husband/BF/partner doesn’t value you, you probably feel hurt, angry, sad, or all of them in combination. Feeling unvalued impacts your own self esteem and spills over into the quality of your entire relationship, and you might be...

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Reviving Intimacy and Passion

Why does intimacy and passion die over time in relationship? In the beginning of relationship, we are open and in a mood of wonder about who our partner is. We delight in discovering who this amazing being is, eager to uncover the wonderful aspects of this marvelous...

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