Are you in a toxic relationship? Struggling with emotional intimacy? Looking to depend intimacy in your marriage? Has trust been broken in your relationship? Wondering why your spouse or partner is emotionally unavailable? Or are you single and looking for dating advice or help creating new relationships?
On this blog you’ll find practical insights and advice on many different relationship issues from us and other relationship experts.

Sex in relationship is last on the to-do list

Isn’t it funny how we always put sex and pleasure in relationship last on our list of priorities? Well, more sad than funny, really. Sex is last on our list It’s like anything that feels good only happens after everything else is done – which you may have noticed...

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Broken Trust in a Relationship

Do you ever find it difficult to trust in a relationship? To trust your partner? We talk to so many couples who have problems with broken trust in a relationship (for which reason we designed a 90-minute mini-workshop about rebuilding trust). Whenever trust is broken...

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Love Strategy

NLP maintains that we each have a particular strategy that must be followed for us to feel motivated, loved, scared, relieved, etc… and that once you know what that strategy is, you can consciously use that strategy to elicit desired emotional states. You can use...

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Why Bother With Relationships?

The 3 Best Reasons To Care About Your Love Life I used to be so angry and exasperated about my romantic relationships with women. Make no mistake, I loved being with women and enjoyed sex, but the relational aspect just never seemed to pan out for me. I just did what...

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7 Reasons why Dates don’t Work

Are you tired of the dating scene? Sick of superficial interactions? Do you leave dates and singles events feeling more lonely and discouraged than when you got there? How many times have you had an experience like this one: You’re about to go out on a date. You dress...

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Love and Giving in Relationship

Love gives. This is no more obvious than at the beginning of relationship. When we are in love, we are generous with our giving. We bestow upon our beloved an abundance of touch and attention. It comes naturally to offer gifts and love notes and phone calls....

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Victim Mindset in Your Relationship

You ever find yourself blaming your partner for why your relationship is not going great? Or just plain stuck in a place where it feels like you won’t get what you want? When things aren’t going well in our relationship, it’s easy to fall into a victim mindset. It’s...

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