About Sonika & Christian
At a LoveWorks training, a woman had a massive breakthrough in her relationship with her husband of many years. She fell in love with him again and inspired for new possibilities for their relationship. She burst out, “I’ve done SO MUCH personal growth, but it’s not until now I GET it! Who would have thought it would take a cute California girl and a skinny Dutchman to save my marriage!” (Christian is actually from Denmark, but never mind:)

We are a married couple, husband/wife team, who have devoted our lives to studying and teaching love and relationship. Our clients say we are wise, approachable, and real. They appreciate that we are candid about our own relationship and how we grow from it. We practice what we teach, and we are still happy and in love after many years of being together.

About LoveWorks

We believe relationships are meant to be an empowering, fun, passionate, safe place to grow, love, and learn. Where we get to be more of who we are, not less. We know it’s not always easy, but it can definitely be easier!

LoveWorks (the company) and The LoveWorks Solution (the work) is founded on a few powerful ideas. That everyone has a positive intention,even when their behaviors are less than productive. That we can create relationships to be mutually empowering. That we can both (all) have we what want. That my needs are as important as yours, not more, not less. That we can find solutions that satisfy both of us.
That relationships are a powerful catalyst for our own personal growth and expansion. And that no matter what your current or past relationship experience or status, you can create something wonderful going forward.

With our unique and practical approach to relationship, you learn how to resolve conflicts quickly and over again for the rest of your life.